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My practice

Choreographer, researcher and pedagogue, I am based in England (London) and France (Lyon). I run my activities from both countries.

The mode of attention of the spectator is always my starting point. I enjoy asking them to prick up their ear, to search in the dark, to play with the rhythm of their breathing, to ‘tune in’ to a different pace. I want to make them alert and often, lead them towards an instrospective stand.

I am currently investigating the idea of ​​pre-show rituals or tailored pre-show practice that would act as an immersion chamber. How to invite the spectator to be open and perceptive in a way that is specific to each work? As part of such interest, solo work Figurines tours accompanied by a meditation class.

I am a longterm collaborator with Composer Alberto Ruiz an artist interrogating the listener’s comfort zone and the construction of listening spaces.

I work with producer Vasanthi Argouin. The Collectif Les Particules offers me administrative support for her activities in France. Lola Maury Productions Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales No: 11435876