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Figurines (2016 – touring) Figurines (2016 – touring) Figurines (2016 – touring)

Figurines (2016 – touring)

2016 – ON TOUR

An exercise in transformation and perpetual movement, Figurines is inspired by whirling Dervish Dance. A dancer sets off on a spinning journey of becoming by shaping and re-shaping herself continuously. Audience members witness the performer swirling through a never-ending flow of representations, to be lead on a meditative ride where images emerge, fuse and disappear relentlessly.

A performance experience that will change your state of mind, ask you to stop for a moment, take a breath and get back into your body.


  • The Place (London), Yorkshire Dance (Leeds), Studio Lucien/Compagnie Propos (Lyon), York University (York), Dance City (Newcastle) and Theatre in the Mill (Bradford). Thanks to CND/ Lyon Rhône-Alpes for studio space. Special thanks to Aurea Romero Alvarez for her creative input and performance of the initial stages of Figurines

    Choreography: Lola Maury (France/UK)

    Dancer: Laureline Richard (France)

    Sound: Alberto Ruiz (Spain)

    Lighting: Alberto Ruiz and Lola Maury

    Costume: Clare McGarrigle(UK)

    Advisor in Dervish Dance Practice: Jorge Crecis (Spain)

    Producer: Helen Goodman (UK)

  • “Trapped underwater in a thunderstorm. Heavy headed. 4 am Sunday morning. Hypnotic.” Audience’s reaction

    “an audio-visual illusion that transforms the dancer into something like a music-box figurine. Her masterful performance, involving seamless segues between pastiches of recognisable movement, gives the impression that we are watching a mechanical approximation of a human. […] An accomplished piece that makes an impression” Rachel Donnelly,Resolution! Review

    “I didn’t want the rumbling soundtrack to stop. It was strangely comforting. Present. Like another being in the performing space. I found the movement evocative, frightening, beautiful, funny, surprising, delightful, moving. There was a sense of rolling. A stream of movements like the tide.” Audience’s reaction

  • Figurines is the outcome of the research Towards a Semiotic and Somatic Mode of Attention in the Spectator, which Lola Maury undertook in 2011 through her MA in “performance Practices and Research” at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She decided to re-develop Figurines in 2015 and invited Jorge Crecis to join the process to share his practice in Dervish Dance.

    You can read the thesis abstract

  • 25 min; solo performance

    In the round; Easily adaptable to alternative spaces, including non-traditional theatre/dance spaces.

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    For any further information (Tour pack, High resolution pictures, Press Review, Tech rider etc) please contact Lola Maury: lola(at)