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My work includes BROUHAHA (2019) commissioned by Theatre in the Mill; Figurines (2016) presented in 2018 at Triratna Buddhist Centres as part of an exciting audience development activity, focusing on engaging people interested in meditation; Two to tune (2015) commissioned by The Place, selected for French national platform ‘La Grande Scène des PSO 2016’.

As a curator, I produced HU1 (2016), a dance event for Hull Dance in a warehouse, programming Nora, Spaceboy and James Morgan.

I grew up in Paris and Madrid before moving to London in 2005 where I trained at London Contemporary Dance School / The Place and Central School of Speech & Drama with an MA in Performance Practice and Research.

Winner of the Deustche Bank Award for Contemporary Dance (2008). Professional development includes mentorship from Rosemary Butcher through Independent Dance ‘Critical Pathways’ scheme, The Place’s 2014 Hot House scheme, led by Peggy Olislaegers. Assessor for Total Theatre Edinburgh Festival Awards (2015). Part of ‘Surf the Wave, Artist as Entrepreneur’ programme (2018).

Co-founder of Limbic Productions I collaborated with Iris Muel between 2011 and 2014, fusing neuroscience and design to create interactive games and puzzles.

Nowadays I am a sessional lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School and I regularly teach in diverse institutions (Centre de Formation Désoblique in Lyon, Le Pacifique / CDCN de Grenoble, CND Lyon, CNSMD…).

Since 2018 I have led, with Benjamin Coyle, a research program in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, organising Cellule D’essai a series of collective and interdisciplinary evenings of experimentation. I am also part of Le Croiseur’s directing committee which supports emerging dance artists in Lyon.

In parallel to my own work, I have performed for Sita Thomas, Joanna Young, Alice Theobald, Tina Tarpgaard/Recoil, Simoneta Alessandri, Jacek Scarso for the stage, installations and street trails. I have been faithfully collaborating with Choreographer Eva Recacha since 2009.