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Little Pascal (2011) Little Pascal (2011) Little Pascal (2011) Little Pascal (2011) Little Pascal (2011) Little Pascal (2011)

Little Pascal (2011)

Created in collaboration with Iris Musel / Limbic Productions


Set up for a mature audience, Little Pascal is based on the different emotions adults associate with their childhood memories.

With no performers, visual illustrations an ever-changing soundscape, set and props move around the space to take control of how the story is told, emerging the audience into an environment where they become the character, i.e. Little Pascal.

Where scent will heighten the atmosphere being created, a game is integrated into the story to allow the audience to explore their surrounding by movement, touch and even taste.

A synergy between audience, setting and multimedia technology brings the space to life. Where the antique contrasts the progressive, multimedia interfaces impel the audience to shape puzzles, compose melodies and synchronize dance movements.

For further details on the project look at the info pack here.

  • Concept and direction: Lola Maury and Iris Musel

    Multimedia Specialist: Yacine Sebti

    Interactive Sound Interface Specialist: Eric Samotrakis

    The R&D for Little Pascal has been supported by The Arts Council England, European Cultural Foundation, iMAL, DanceDigital and Goldsmiths University.

    Thanks to Nada Sabet, Jacob Hobbs, Sam Watterson, Jovita Valaityte, Shad Ohyon, Ben Austin, Sammm Agnew and Ashley Charles for being so actively and creatively part of the research for Little Pascal.