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I am still here (in progress) I am still here (in progress) I am still here (in progress)

I am still here (in progress)

Created in collaboration with Iris Musel / Limbic Productions


I am still here is a series of interactive art installations that investigate how the sense of perception, sense of the self and forms of expression may change in people affected by dementia.

Besides experiencing memory loss, people with dementia often face a heightened or diminished change to their senses (incl. hallucination); have problems with abstract thinking (e.g. loss of language, spatial awareness, concept of time); experience loss in motor skills (e.g. balancing, co-ordination); and see their emotional state and personality shift.

Not all people with dementia will experience all symptoms, but we are keen to explore the diversity of dysfunctions that can be associated with dementia as it progresses, including the fact that each person and their family will experience the condition differently.

Each installation will be presented in a unique style of its own, focusing on specific themes that will lend us the opportunity to explore the mentioned subject areas in great detail.

Our aim is to create engaging experiences by which participants can seek a broader understanding on dementia.

A sense of Wonder

A sense of Wonder is the first art installation being developed in the series. It’s main focus lies in investigating how the perception of vision and sound may change for people with dementia…more

Mumble Jumble

The second art installation in the series, titled Mumble Jumble focuses on the complexity of abstract and concrete thinking processes in people affected by dementia….more


Soma-tic, the third art installation in the series, starts taking a more intimate approach. Here we start focusing on the somatic senses and how these might be influenced in dementia…more

You can download the full project description here or visit Limbicproductions’ website

Share your experience

At the heart of this project are the people that have been affected by dementia directly. It is only with their input that we can create a strong piece of work communicating the effects dementia has on people.

If you have been affected by dementia and would  like to share your story, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Share a memory
With the significance of how our memories influence our lives as a reoccurring theme in our projects, we would love for you to share your most poignant memories with us may they be happy or sad. Please share your memory.