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Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013) Hackney Board Game (2013)

Hackney Board Game (2013)

Created in collaboration with Iris Musel / Limbic Productions

2013 – Commission from Hackney Council

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Why not claim a little high street and transform it into a live board game? With the Narrow Way (top part of Mare Street) in Hackney Central, London, being pedestrianized for a 6-month trial period, the perfect location was found.

In Hackney Village Board Game participants experience the excitement as they advance across the playing filed discovering village traders, craftsmen and taverns. Each square you land on determines your next move. You might arrive at the well that will grant you a wish if you share with it a story; count the pennies in a maze of endless possibilities; ride the carousel on which you will shape a future action; or visit the Maid of the Wave to find your ensuing fortune. Designed to allow an endless number of players the game can be joined at any time. You can try to finish the race in a day or return on several occasions.



    Number of players: 1 to 25 at a time

    Age: 6 to 99 Years

    How to play: On the first turn the player roles a dice and advances on the board game by as many fields as the number shown on the dice. The game board pattern consists of 42 fields made up by the shops, cafes and public area on the Narrow Way. Each field you land on will entail a special task, which will determine as to whether you will move forwards or backwards on the board. How long will it take you to reach the last square?

    Playing time: Make it a race and try and finish the game in an hour; go at a slower pace, take a break in between and spend the day in the area; or stretch the game over a longer period of time popping by on various occasions. The choice is yours.

    Winning: During the game you collect puzzle pieces. The player that has collected the most puzzle pieces at the end of the run wins a price. Don’t feel shy to come and play more than once.

    Hackney Village Board Game Map

  • Commissioned by Hackney Council as part of the Hackney Central Cultural Program.

    Concept and Creation: Lola Maury and Iris Musel

    Thanks to Sammm Agnew for always finding solutions to craft problems, to Daniel Francis for drawing our final Puzzle and sharing his vision of Hackney, and to all the shop owners of the Narrow Way for their trust and support into making this game happen.

    You gottta love HackneyDrawing by Daniel Francis.