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UK premiere 25th April 2019 @ Theatre in the Mill

BROUHAHA, meaning ‘a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something’, is my first full length work, for three performers.

It all started with a question from Sound Artist and collaborator, Alberto Ruiz: ‘How can we create a space for the audience to listen?’. Since then I have found myself dreaming up disconnections between movement and the correlating sound we expect to hear.

I want to manipulate the correlation between action and sound, with the aim of immersing the spectator in a strangely discordant atmosphere. The dancers will sing out loudly without opening the mouth, their faces will guffaw without contortion, the body articulations will crack in stillness.

Toying with instinct and sensory perceptions, BROUHAHA is a collaboration with Sound Designer Alberto Ruiz.


Commissioned by Theatre in the Mill and The Place. With financial support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England. Further support from Dance4, YorkshireDance, DanceCity, Cambridge Junction and La Briqueterie.

Choreography: Lola Maury

Sound Artist: Alberto Ruiz Soler

Performers: Juan Corres Benito, Alexander Standard, Laureline Richard

Lighting Designer: Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn

Costume designer: Kate Forbes

Voice Coach: Moreno Solinas

Producer: Helen Goodman

Social Media Wizzard: Kerrie Marsh